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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Madrid Spain IMTRA Incoma Consultant surgeon Dr Enrique Galindo Andujar.
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat chronic inflammation due to Lyme disease

Email received from new patient and our reply:

Hi, I'm interested in visiting your clinic to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat chronic inflammation due to Lyme disease. Do you offer this service and what is the cost?

Dear Mrs xxxx,

Thank you for your email and for your kind interest in the work of the IMTRA Incoma medical center in Madrid Spain.

I am pleased to confirm that Chronic Lyme disease can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

In order to be able to correctly assess your particular case, please send us an email with your full information, including:

·         Your medical history;
·         Laboratory analysis;
·         Serological tests(s);
·         Details of all therapies you have received to date.

Please note that it is very important for me to know all your symptoms, which may include:

·         Fatigue,
·         Arthralgia,
·         Myalgia,
·         Headaches,
·         Neck stiffness,
·         Paresthesias,
·         Sleeplessness,
·         Irritability,
·         Difficulty with memory or word finding,
·         Concentration,

together with all other information that you consider may be relevant.

Please also note that it is most important for you to inform us:

·         If you have ever undergone surgery;
·         If sometimes you suffer unconsciousness, seizures or epilepsy;
·         If you have any other illness/disease;
·         If you are currently undergoing any medical treatment.

Once I receive all this medical information from you, I will be in a position to inform you as to whether you can be treated with  hyperbaric  oxygen therapy, the number of sessions that will be required and the cost of specialised treatment.

I look forward to hearing from you further.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Dr Susana García Greciano - Imtra

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